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How I Spent My New Year's Holiday - Sincerely, the Padackles


Between the 26th of December and the first day of January, the Foursome posted:

Genevieve Padalecki:  6 Instagram pics
Jared Padalecki:  reposted one Instagram pic
Danneel Harris-Ackles:  8 Instagram pics, 8 tweets (cross posts)
Jensen Ackles:  one Instagram pic 

Genevieve posted twice on Christmas Day and then referenced this video on the 27th, full of self-deprecation over her "failures" as a holiday "mom". A real "piece of work".

And then they were off!  Danneel from the 29th (after a photo of the three Ackles children on the 27th):


Not quite sure what Jensen is looking at there, are you?  Gives new-added meaning to the word "drop in", don't you think?  ;-)

Oh, hold on! Here comes Genevieve with the GPS'er and an "Awww" photo of Jared and Tom skating on the ice:

A post shared by Genevieve Padalecki (@nowandgen) on

And bam! Here comes another "D'awwwwww" shot to the fans' hearts with another twins pic on the 29th:

Then, Pow! with a throwback:

Nice slide-in from the side by Jensen on that one!  ;-)  See how they do that? [Tip:  watch for these tip-in's frequently on group pictures like this, for the guy to be in a bottom or top corner, "popping in" from the side. It's a sure hint of photo manipulation]

Not to be outdone with the dueling kiddo shots, here came Genevieve with her "family" pic dated the 29th:

Lots of skates, skis, snow; it was a Padalecki Hallmark Winterfest holiday.  And Jared did his usual thing of being seen:

While Jensen laid low and was seen in that New Year's Eve "throwback", pop-in from the side pic, guess who really may have been minding the remaining members of the Padackles family while Jared took his boys out for some snow action?

New Year's came and went. And like as happens with a lot of us post-holiday, it was then Jensen's turn to leave the Colorado roost and go to work. The time had come for the Ackles family brewery to open officially for business.

Amongst all the Instagrams, tweets and interviews, this one was pretty revealing with its State of the Ackles address:

"The brewery is owned by the Ackles along with co-owner Gino, who is Danneel's brother, hence the name "Family Business".  And just like [with] their three (3) children, the Ackles say they will raise it with all the care in the world."

and this quote from Jensen,

"During the week, obviously I'm still working quite a bit, so I'll be doing that.  On the weekends, I'm home and I hope to be out here as much as I can."

But as so often happens even in well-scripted moments, the real truth can reveal itself unexpectedly.

In the following "for the record" video, Jensen explains the official story behind the brewery and why he decided to move from Los Angeles to Austin, TX in 2014 [we'll just ignore the original explanation to the fandom which happened to focus on Jared being his next door neighbor]. The video barely starts when the miscue occurs.

 "I think this was always on my radar of places that I thought I'd always end up." 

And, then the sputtering begins.

"I was living out in California for quite a long time, got married, had a few kids."

*stammer, stammer...*

Huh, how did Jensen not remember he only had one child in Los Angeles? An immediate correction and self-edit ensues:

"Well, had my first child."

Wow!  Did I just see and hear what I thought I did?

Kind of an odd little "slip" of the tongue, wasn't it?  

So he had "a few kids" before he moved to Austin, TX due to the "kick in the pants"?  The only way to solve this obvious discrepancy is to take a closer look at the Kiddo Timeline for a moment:

Tom Padalecki - born March 2012
JJ Ackles - born May 2013
Shep Padalecki - born December 2013
Arrow and Zeppelin Ackles - born in the fall 2016
Odette Padalecki - born in the spring 2017

From "People Babies" section:

"Jared Padalecki always knew he wanted to raise a family in Austin.

"My dream as a child was literally to grow up and live in Austin, as silly as that sounds,” the actor, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

So when he relocated with his wife and Supernatural costar Genevieve Cortese Padalecki to a 10,600-sq.-ft. Texas lodge in 2012, the couple knew they needed to make it a kid-friendly home for their sons Shepherd, 15 months, and Thomas Colton, 3." - source "Inside Jared Padalecki's Kid-Friendly Home" 

The rumors about Jensen "moving" to Austin, TX began in 2014. And by September, it was confirmed that he had bought a new lake house there. However, the twins weren't going to be born for another two years.  Therefore, for Jensen to say he "had a few kids" while still living in LA, is a bit...

...head scratching; that is, until you look more carefully at the Kiddo Timeline and see that there actually were a "few kids" born before Jensen's move to Austin, TX in 2014. They just were not supposed to be all his children, according to the public narrative.  Again,

Tom (b. March 2012)

JJ (b. May 2013)

Shep (b. December 2013)

Yes, that means Jensen's move to Austin, TX in September 2014 did not occur until over a year after Shep's birth. Followed more than two years later by his second and third child (twins) being born on December 2, 2016. Hard to believe that Jensen would forget this daddy timeline, don't you think? Sure he corrected his public statement, but his initial memory was of having a few kids while he still lived in Los Angeles. Not one.

This, of course, would mean that just like with Jake and Austin, Jensen's slip up is just one more indication, in a long line of indications, that he and Jared are actually raising a family together - their family.  The only plausible explanation for those "few kids" that Jensen referred to on that video (besides the lame excuse of 'he just misspoke') would be he was remembering that JJ, Tom and Shep, were all born prior to 2014, when he was, in fact, still "living out in California." Likely with Jared who had that 10,000 square foot "lodge" in Austin, TX to hide behind. 

So, 2018 looks to be off to a rockin' bang of a start already!  Who could have foreseen such a gem in one of those FBB interviews?  Harry Styles, I think I hear the *swoosh* of an all-time best gif coming...

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The Scent of Stunts and Scandal - Coming Out Smelling Like a Rose

When last we left our two (2) crazy kids, Austin Nichols and (now ex-beard) & Agents of Shield actress Chloe Bennet, there was a big ol' honkin' bolt of lightning between them :

Aah yes, that world wide web symbol of splitsville.  Good times, right?  So this was around the July 4 holiday and there have been several goings on's that have had Narnia still keeping one eye on the past.  

Both Jake and Austin have been hiding out, I mean running with scissors ever since Hanukkah and Christmas, 

via GIPHY 

Running with scissors is fun and all, but we know that sooner or later, at least one of these men is going to have to come back and sit at their school desk.  :-(

So let's take a moment and see what ol' Chlo has been doing all this time while her people have been playing the slowest hand of 'Go Fish' that we've ever seen.  The peekaboo question of, "Is she, or isn't she?" hooking up with You Tuber, Logan Paul.

Her team first tried hinting at a possible break up, early on:

Then they tried floating her solo:

Flyin' Solo 

Back on again:


Back and forth, back and forth...


And then on December 13, 2017, Mr. Paul tweeted this:


While Bennet had tweeted this question just three days before, the post now deleted:

 Looks like they were "back on" again!  Anybody else getting dizzy?

And now we see what Logan Paul got himself into all kinds of hot water with his December 31st You Tube video of a person who had committed suicide in a Japan forest, a site known for such tragic occurrences.

On January 1st, there was this exchange:


Chloe's twitter account deleted the Tokyo, Japan New Year's tweet and then unfollowed Logan and family members on social media.


Logan Paul is roasted and toasted over an open fire and Chlo takes heat from some tweeters for having been associated with him and is explicitly asked what is the status of their relationship?

Because Chlo apparently developed both carpal tunnel as well as laryngitis, the gavel on the end of "Chlogan" was pounded down via this Comic Book site instead:

Interesting timing and "flow" of it all, isn't it? 

So there we have it.  Chlo is definitely flying solo again.

And Austin is still......flying solo.
As is Jake...still.....flying solo.

Does either man want to go through this beard interview process again? 

via GIPHY 

Or will it be easier to simply step back into that same old pair of slippers again? Guess we'll just have to stay tune and see how events unfold.

via GIPHY 

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Interns, trolls, and stalkers: a tale of modern day obsessions and buffoonery (Part I)

This is a tale as old as time. 
True as it can be
Barely even friends...
"Beauty and the Beast" - lyrics Howard Ashman, composer Alan Menken

Ah, the strange lives of Internet trolls.  Where would OTP fans be without them, after all?  Probably, happily crooning in the trees; ♪ Singing about what we have observed. Serenading about what we have concluded ♪.  Which, of course, is why these trolls exist in the first place - can't be having any of that truth 'n stuff breaking through the atmosphere, after all! 

Let's take a stroll down memory lane for just a moment to provide some historical context. Narnia Dispatches came into existence because of an internet stalker, one(s) which had consistently dogged and pestered the original Waiting for Toothy site, then moved on to Oh My Godot, a blog dedicated to all things Jake/Austin.  And. let there be no mistake, this particular internet troll(s) attached itself to OMG like a tick.  

When Jake Gyllenhaal left CAA to sign with Endeavor (originally, the William Morris Agency) back in January 2012, the beginning of a whole new image remake was on the horizon. Not surprisingly, the first step taken in this career reset was to do away with the saga of "Toothy Tile". To achieve this end, the creator of the Blind Item had to be targeted in a way that would seem plausible (maybe like a self-inflicted wound), but still allow for some degree of deniability from the industry at large. Within six months of Jake's WME signing, the plot had been set into motion and executed. A final Toothy blind appeared on March 23, 2012, called "Toothy Gets Slutty with Room Service" which definitively stated (after seven years) that there would be no happy ending for Grey Goose and Tooth. The breakup was suddenly inevitable, the final line emphatic: "Grey, stop pretending you're Saint Suck-Up and completely move on, already." Summarily, a mysterious rumor began to circulate that Ted Casablanca had been "fired" from E! based on some shady rumor that he had accidentally "outed" Jeremy Renner in one of his columns. Mission accomplished.

Even before 2012, the WFT2 blog already had devolved into a hotbed of Austin Nichols dislike, often led by trolls whose shared goal was to distract and refocus attention on the "what might have beens" between Jake and Heath Ledger, much safer territory than what was actually happening between Jake and Austin in real life.  By 2012, particularly after the iconic "The Sushi Lunch" , when it became rapidly apparent that not only were Jake and Austin still together, but they were also not anywhere close to going public with their relationship, most of the remaining anons/commenters lost interest on both blogs and left.  It was really the beginning of the end.  With Ted's elimination, the die was cast. Bearding, mearding and stunts became the norm and Jake's team continued to accomplished their scorched earth goals of 1) Eliminating Toothy Tile chatter and 2) Doing away with Jake's gay friendly fandom. 

Despite, the "progress", there was still one remaining obstacle standing in WME's way:  Oh My Godot, the ONLY Jake and Austin community of its kind, and the only blog that hit close to home regarding what was really going on behind the scenes. For one, the moderation of Waiting for Toothy 2 had been taken over by an industry troll and the blog as a whole by Jake's Team.  Just one example of many anons' observations of the change in the blog:

Secondly, Ted had been eradicated. But, what was Jake's team going to do about OMG, a veritable archive of Jake and Austin's history, chocked full of real-time sightings & reactions, links, pictures, articles and chatter? Despite losing many posters, there were still a small handful of faithful, well-informed members. An active blog still very much opened for business, so to speak.

Not so coincidentally, trolling became more intense.  Spamming began non-stop, with blocks of repeated tauntings and screeds about Austin and his beard, Chloe Bennet, including the posting of hyperlinks from bizarre Brazilian sites, where pictures of the "happy couple" would appear from out of nowhere to advance their stunts. Often the same repeated "comments", but posted repeatedly, one after the other. Over and over again.  Relentless, online harassment. On April 10, 2016, Special K (Oh My Godot's Blog Administrator) emailed M&M and myself and told us that there had been almost 12,000 spam messages caught by Blogger and herself. Below, is just one example of Austin and Chloe spam, which had to be be deleted.

Although one can't see the words now, it was just obscenity-filled, schoolyard prattle.  But what the troll did was copy/paste the comment, and then repeatedly post it over and over.  Here is an actual textual example of one of those screeds (with editing of the profanity):

[Austin and Chloe are in LVE !!! They live together, spend all holidays and birthdays together, attend business events and weddings together, travel together, Austin visits her family in Chicago, Chloe visits his family in Texas, they have two fur babies …

HAPPY FAMILY !!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM AUSTIN & CHLOE !!! Austin in Chicago with his girlfriend and her family - sweet kisses :) HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM AUSTIN & CHLOE !!! Austin & Chloe in love and in Chicago again HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM AUSTIN & CHLOE !!!

Austin: Happy New Year from me and @chloebennet4 Austin sending special F**K OFF message to lying OMGers! :) Austin & Sarah sending F**K OFF message to lying OMGers! :) Austin posted photo of Chloe's ass from their Mexico trip - Sh**ty K must be so proud! Austin & Chloe in Mexico - zero f**ks given about husband and 5-6 kids :) Austin Nichols: Me and pretty bird flying away Chloe Bennet: Two years and I'm still blushing. @austinnichols Austin Nichols: The view from my on Happy Birthday Austin!! ]

As one can imagine, the repetitive posts disrupted conversations and required constant monitoring by the Blog Administrator, who had to delete the comments.  For the benefit of the Powers That Be Google's Blogger continued to be unable to prevent the spamming, no matter how any times the online harassment was reported.  The first course of action was to place the blog on moderation whenever the attacks occurred, which meant all comments posted had to be screened first and then the Administrator would release them upon review.  However, whenever the blog would be opened for comments/discussion, the troll would suddenly appear and begin the copy/paste spamming all over again, usually forcing the blog back into moderation.

Requiring commenters to register with Blogger did not help either.  The Troll registered with a name and began the spamming all over again.  Eventually, Oh My Godot became a blog held hostage. Combined with fans' disinterest and dissatisfaction with the direction of Jake and Austin's public lives and careers, a crossroads was reached and a decision was made by M&M and myself to create Narnia Dispatches.  The new blog would be a closed community, open only to familiar "faces" and was designed to be basically a platform from which to merely be able to speak, free of disruptions.

After much collaborative preparations and graphic design ponderings, Narnia Dispatches officially opened for "business" on May 15, 2016. The launch came off without a hitch and the future looked like smoooooooth sailing ahead, right?

Wellllll, not quite.   Stay tuned for Part 2 when we will see how a management Troll found other ways to try and stop online discussions and observations about Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols' relationship.

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