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Observation From the Upper Deck: Twitter Botox

[Reader warning: some graphic language in several of the tweets reposted. Sorry!]

For anyone who is a student observer of a celeb's Twitter search for a lengthy period of time, no doubt you will begin to develop a "feel" for patterns and also recognize many accounts who will tweet about that celebrity on even a semi-regular basis.

Jake Gyllenhaal's social media "person" or "team" have become orchestra conductors at commanding his Twitter activity.  No longer is his Twitter search the off-leash ballpark that it used to be.  Sightings are extremely rare and memes/robots are a daily occurrence.   In other words, pretty predictable and barring a breaking announcement, pretty cruise control.  What do I mean by 'cruise control'?

Oftentimes, a robot will make the rounds for several days in a row, forming potholes and bottlenecks in the one-lane road that is Mr. Gyllenhaal's Twitter search timeline.  What constitutes a robot?  A repetitive tweet; same sentence over and over, usually retweeted by different accounts, many of the accounts looking, at best 'suspect'.  An example:

Notice most of these above are not actually retweeted robots, but they're the same worded tweet "Jake Gyllenhaal shares the costar who made him cut his beard." The same sentence tweeted by different accounts. The odds of @fashionoutfit and @RMRealtor having the same identical thought seem astronomical, wouldn't you think?  Now, here's another, this one from early in the morning of 11.13, in a printscreen from my IPad:

See, it is the same tweet from the same account, over and over and over, just retweeted by different accounts, many of them bogus, nonsensical looking accounts. And these robots will go on and on and on, filling up the timeline, a reason why I've liked to call this "Twitter Botox", because they plump/fill up, aka stuff the twitter search.

In fact, let's take this opportunity to mention in a sidenote that this particular account called "Jake Doing Things" has been around for a rather short while, but already its purpose is very clear. This is what the account does; provide robots to fill up Jake's twitter search timeline. The above "Donnie Darko" tweet has 13,000 retweets and 31,000 likes.  Another tweet "Jake Gyllenhaal with a straw in his mouth" has 2,000 retweets and 6.4k likes.

Do you know what I mean when I refer to a twitter search timeline? Let's backtrack for just a moment. When I am looking for tweets about Jake or Liam Payne, I enter their name in the search box and look for the "latest" tweets.  This will show me who all is tweeting about them and if I request the category "Latest", then the most recent will be at the top, as such:

This screenshot was taken at 20:11 on 11.12.  You can see Jake's name in the upper right "Search" box.  Over to the left, below where it says "Jake Gyllenhaal", I have selected "Latest" so that the most recent tweets will be shown, any tweet which contains his name.  Now unfortunately, what this also means is that I am also going to see anyone's Twitter Account name which contains "Jake Gyllenhaal".  

Take a look at this latest trend.  Here is another screenshot taken and see what catches your eye. Keep in mind, these are supposed to be tweets "about" Jake:

Well, I see a picture icon that is pretty dominant, I don't know about you.  Let's try another one.  This shot was taken the same night as well:

Oh look.  There's that account again - "jake gyllenhaal I love you so much you're so beauti" (I assume 'beautiful' was cut off perhaps because a character limit was reached?)  Notice many of the tweets from this account aren't even about Jake.  But because his full name is in the account name, the tweets will appear in his Twitter search.

Pretty ingenious, eh?  I have no doubt whatsoever this is intentional.  Here are a few more accounts quite similar:

So, these tweets will appear on the search timeline even though they're not about Jake, but merely have his name in the account title.  Boy, someone put some thought into that practice, didn't they?

So, once the stroke of midnight hit on Saturday evening after The Week That Was , this is when all of the previous strategic activity really occurred.  Jake's twitter search became a vast wasteland of robots and old retreads.  Today, it's filled with minion-like cries of unfairness since Blake Shelton was declared 2017's People's Sexiest Man Alive.  So, all last week, Jake was everywhere, doing everything with everyone, every accounted minute of every seven days.  And at 00:01 on Sunday, radio silence hit.

But most of all, this post is about how a media team can manipulate and play a celebrity's timeline like a finely tuned violin to cover for absence, to cover for a private life, and also to drown out and bury any real-time gold nugget sighting which could blow the whole operation.  

This has been a social media One Point Lesson.  :-)   Twitter on!!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, The Places He'll Go on 11.11 - Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 ( If you arrive here first, click here for Part 1 of Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, The Places He'll Go on 11.11 )

So just like on November 11, 2011, Jake's whereabouts this past week have been jam-packed, meant to be highly visible (because there's nothing to hide here), with geographic contradictions everywhere. The kind of frenetic, VERY PUBLIC pattern, that began in Rome in October 2007 with the scripted, paparazzi frenzy surrounding the kickstarting of the Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal fauxmance. The kind of high profile activity on his twitter search that usually hinted at another addition to the GyllenNichols family.  Back in October 2007,  the rumor was that a son had been born.  This time in 2011, speculations pointed to a girl instead. 

I think Jake Gyllenhaal and his lover Austin should continue to focus on their new daughter, as they have been doing. He is extremely talented, and a year or two hiatus will not diminish him whatsoever. He is a respected actor for a reason (because he is exceptional, should anyone need reminding). I look forward to his acting choices in future. I would not dare giving him advice, especially in areas where I am not qualified.

January 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Jake's people were so upset at this posting when it was brought to the Oh My Godot blog, a poster suddenly appeared on that same Film Experience website, impersonating a prominent OMG poster, in an anemic attempt to try and discredit the notion that Jake and Austin were together and raising a family.  Remember, the paid interns are online 24/7.

 Let's recap for a moment so we don't lose the plot to the story. We started out with a reminder of just how many medical center visits Jake was associated with in Los Angeles, prior to November 11, 2011. Then we pointed out two blog comments from a popular Toothy Tile site in February and March 2011, statements that indicated how Jake and Austin were still together and that they were raising a family, another one planned for 11-11-11.

Jake then inexplicably, but very publicly transports himself to New York at the end of September 2011 and, at least according to social media sightings, is seen everywhere over the next six weeks. If an envelope opened, Jake was there. If there was coffee to drink, he was ordering. If food was nearby, he was either shopping or eating it. If a film event was taking place, Jake was attending.  Well, I think the point is obvious. Jake was in New York, damn it! Not California. And, as is so often the case with PR teams, subtly was totally lacking in the narrative that was being sold. A narrative which culminated on November 11, 2011 when Jake went on a city tour hop, a true social butterfly. Coffee in the morning, dancing until late in the evening. Kind of odd that over the next five years Jake pretty much has became a recluse. Rarely seen, bearded up, his public image shifted from fan friendly and approachable to someone uber, uber private, as pounded home by the Guardian interview "I Would Love To Not Talk About My Private Life".

And even now that he is seen every day in Los Angeles as he campaigns for that Oscar nomination this week, and today, 11-11-17, is seen simultaneously in England and Los Angeles, the playbook remains the same. As the French say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." And, very little about Jake has changed after all these years. 

And speaking of, because this story is still live action, late-breaking, we have new developments on the World Tour.  Apparently, Jake is now as we write, at the Governors Awards in Los Angeles:




Oh, the places he will indeed go. But not to worry.  The birthday girl has likely opened up all her presents by now and cake was enjoyed by all. 

*Happy Birthday, Baby Tile.*


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Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, The Places He'll Go on 11.11

One is not always a lonely number in Jake world. And, on this particular date a special kind of synchronicity is believed to have taken place, beginning with the telltale sign of a significant increase in Jake's "visits" to the Beverly Hills medical center just outside Los Angeles:

• January 28, 2011 - Leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills
• May 17, 2011 - Visiting a medical center in Beverly Hills
• May 27, 2011 - Visiting a medical center in Beverly Hills
• Jun 24, 2011 - Visiting a medical center in Beverly Hills 

• Jul 05, 2011 - Visiting a medical center in Los Angeles
• Aug 05, 2011 - Visiting a medical center in Beverly Hills
• Dec 16, 2011 - Visiting a medical center in Beverly Hills

• Jan 12, 2012 - Leaving a doctor's office in Los Angeles
• Jan 20, 2012 - Visiting a medical  center in Beverly Hills

• Jan 23, 2012 - Arriving at a medical building in Beverly Hills
Coinciding with these medical center sightings, certain awkward speculations begin to appear on Jake blogs at the beginning of 2011:

Anonymous said...

I know from a very good source that Jake Gyllenhaal has four children with a fifth on its way.  He and Austin couldn’t be happier….

February 17, 2011  4:08 PM

Anonymous said...

J&A 11/11/11


         See if they don’t.

         March 28, 2011 2:27 PM


With the chatter mounting about Jake's real life family situation, his social media presence suddenly exploded like never before.  As did those NYcentric articles in late September 2011 which began to place the lifelong California boy Jake Gyllenhaal in the Big Apple. Sightings everywhere from restaurants, parties, fashion openings, lunch with mom, 60th birthday celebrations, bath houses, riding his bike down Broadway, jogging through Prospect Park, dropping by schools, subway spotting, shopping, family Yom Kippur fake togetherness (pics obviously photoshopped), art exhibits, other actors' movie premieres, screenings, film festivals, Soul Cycling (remember those days?), catching a cab, Whole Foods, Coffee Shop spotting, brunching, sibling pairing, random work drop ins, strolling down the sidewalk, barber chopping, and on, and on, and on. Even more hilarious was how these rapid fire sightings all took place over a mere six week period.

Here are a myriad of examples for your entertainment:









These samplings don't even begin to encompass all of the tweets being posted during this time period, but already one can see that we don't see these kinds of sightings of Jake any longer on social media.  Neither in New York City, nor in Los Angeles,  In fact, we actually saw more of Jake in pictures from Spain and Italy than we ever do in the States anymore.  LOL! 

Now, what about November 11, 2011?  That was an extraordinary day indeed, so let's take a look back at Jake's Internet presence on 11.11.11:

FlavaboomNYC FlavaboomNYC

CELEBS LOVE FLAVABOOM! Jake Gyllenhaal spotted at Flavaboom getting fro-yo on Friday and came back for seconds on Monday.

@photo_aliceProujansky Photo (7:20 a.m.)

RT @NoraProujansky JAKE GYLLENHAAL ON UNIVERSITY PL. @StarleeKine Also @ everyone in the whole world.

Spotted: University Place, Brooklyn

@sarahkbklynSarah Fuchs (9:58 a.m.)

Spotted! Jake Gyllenhaal in Chinatown... 11/11/11 is a magical day, indeed

Spotted in Chinatown

taraleannmcdTara McDonald (9:50 a.m.)
Loving my day off. Excited for my 1pm @soulcycle class with @meganbirmingham followed by a late lunch. Also, anxiously awaiting @lizzie885

@taraleannmcdTara McDonald 2:10 p.m.
Great workout with @meganbirmingham AND we were sitting two bikes away from Jake Gyllenhaal #soulcycle

@TMGastronautJeremy Umansky  (3:18 p.m. approx.)
My wife and I literally walked into Jake Gyllenhaal! I tripped over his shopping basket. He's really handsome.
Jeremy U. checked in to Whole Foods   11 Nov
Location:  Whole Foods 95 E. Houston St.  btwn Bowery & Chrystie New York, NY 10002                                                                                              

@TMGastronaut how cute! Was he nice about it? (6:13 p.m.)
@TMGastronautJeremy Umansky
@BJPsez he smiled and said 'sorry'. (6:23 p.m.)

@maridelreyesMaridel Reyes  (7:03 p.m.)
Missed Jake Gyllenhaal @soulcycle but got to ride w the lovely @emmyparr, @nicolemoke, @marnie_soman and Ava!
11 Novvia web

@MarissRosenblumMarissa (8:33 p.m.)
Second Spiderman sighting of the day. Jake Gyllenhaal at Fat Radish. Amy is crazy excited but I'm all like whatevvvs #ilovejake
Location:  Fat Radish 17 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002

11 Novvia web
@JulieVADJulie Vadnal (9:05 p.m.)
En route to Fat Radish. Will be too busy burger-eating to Tweet during the meal.
(Fat Radish is close to Chinatown)

@JulieVADJulie Vadnal (9:22 p.m.)
Or too busy staring at Jake Gyllenhall apparently. (Eeekkkk!)

@BrennanRealty  Donald Brennan  (9:57 p.m.)
Sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal at Colonie on Atlantic Ave.
Location:  Colonie 127 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, New York
(Colonie is only about 1.5 miles from where Maggie lives)
11 Novvia web
@JulieVADJulie Vadnal (11:12 p.m.)
NEWSFLASH: Jake is dancing.

So, did @JulieVAD see Jake at The Fat Radish and then go to the Colonie or was Jake at The Fat Radish, then went to the Colonie, then returned to The Fat Radish to dance?  I'm confused.  LOL.

All of the prior are besides tweets from the previous day on the 10th, including:



And just to cover his whereabouts from sun up to sun down, on the 10th, Jake was up and at 'em first thing in the morning:


via GIPHY 

Whew.   Now fast forward to this past week in November of 2017 where Jake has been on a world tour in Los Angeles, literally every day appearing at a local theater near you and culminating this weekend with award dinners:

Sun, Nov 5 - Jake is honored with a Best Actor award at the Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills

Mon, Nov 6 - Stronger movie screening and Q &A with Maslany in Burbank, CA  source

Tues, Nov 7 -  Stronger movie screening and Q & A at the Arclight Movie Theater in Hollywood, CA   a pic from the screening

Wed, Nov 8 - Stronger movie screening and Q & A at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, CA  source

Thurs, Nov 9 - Donnie Darko screening and Q & A at the same theater, Aero in Santa Monica, CA  w/ Donnie Darko rabbit

Friday, Nov 10 - at the American Cinematheque Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, CA honoring Amy Adams

And now tonight, Saturday, Nov 11, it's Groundhog day all over again.   


In this corner, we have a tweeter saying Jake is over in London watching Les Miserables with her:

and then in this corner, we have VARIETY'S Ms. Jenelle "Back Pocket" Riley claiming she is with Jake tonight:

And because Jake's Twitter search has been full buffet service this week, [unless there's some late night cosmic golf planned!], there are also late breaking, real time photos of the Jake Gyllenhaal/Margo Robbie mutual interview, of which the announcement had just been made this week during the whole Actors on Actors Variety Studio Twitter Botox event:

And now tonight ("allegedly"):


With the Variety interviewer looking on:


Kind of reminiscent of that time the Matriarch Foner was looking on while he laid on the rock slab with Reese Witherspoon in Italy, isn't it?  lol!

To be wrapped up in:  Click Here for Part 2 of 2 of Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, The Places He'll Go on 11.11